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Parent Support Group

Are you a parent of a child with ADHD, SPD or similar issues?

If you would like to connect with other parents who share similar experiences, we invite you to join For Our Kids, For Ourselves, a support and resource organization with neighborhood-based groups that meet monthly. We are currently welcoming new and returning members to our Northwest DC group, which meets one Sunday evening a month (September-July) at the Sunrise Senior Living on Connecticut Avenue NW.

For Our Kids, For Ourselves supports parents emotionally by sharing experiences and resources, and by connecting you with others who understand the challenges of raising a child with learning and developmental differences and/or social issues. Topics of interest include sibling rivalry, managing mornings/evenings, homework, playmates … and more.

Here’s one parent’s praise for the Northwest DC group:

“The common ground among the participants is that we’ve been through many difficult periods, sometimes in isolation, and couldn’t easily see our next step or perhaps a potential solution clearly in front of us. We shared, we listened, we suggested options. I felt understood and encouraged; I also felt challenged and supported so that I could clearly identify my goals and press ahead, even if it may be difficult at times. So many parents could benefit from this group.”

Who Are We?
For Our Kids, For Ourselves is a grassroots parent support and resource organization. Each group is neighborhood-based so that families can connect and find support and mentors within their own communities.

The groups are for members only and meet once a month on Sunday evenings from September to July. Experienced facilitators lead all groups.

What’s your investment?

The annual fee for 2012-13 will be $220. AND, if you reserve your spot by Aug. 1, you’ll get one month free! You may pay by credit card, cash or check.

Credit card:

Please send a check made out to the group’s facilitator:
Michelle Buzgon
5028 41st St., NW
Washington, DC 20016

Cash: You can drop by or bring to your first meeting.

For more information, please contact group facilitator Michelle Buzgon at

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