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So you want to know a bit about me?

My Professional Background

I’m a certified life and grief coach, as well as a speaker and trainer based in Washington, DC. What seems like a lifetime ago, I used to be a news editor. Funny thing I’ve discovered is, being a coach and an editor isn’t as different as it might seem.

As a news editor, my job was to take someone else’s story and help her or him to improve it.
As a coach, my job is to take someone else’s story and help him or her to improve it.

As a news editor, I made sure the most important information was at the top of the story, not buried.
As a coach, I help clients set priorities so that they put the most important things – like self-care — at the top of their to-do lists.

As a news editor, I kept an eye out for inconsistencies and then worked with the writer to resolve them.
As a coach, I help clients get clear on their values so they can live in a way that is consistent with their core beliefs.

As a news editor, I corrected grammar, spelling and style mistakes.
As a coach, I happily couldn’t care less about that stuff. Unless I’m helping a client write or polish a resume.

My Qualifications

I’ve got some coaching credential letters behind my name (Michelle Buzgon, ACC) through the International Coach Federation. I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (Michelle Buzgon, CPCC) through The Coaches Training Institute and a graduate of Georgetown University’s Organization Development program. I’m a certified Heartbreak to Happiness Coach through the Grief Coaching Academy.

I also design and present innovative literacy workshops to the parents and day-care providers of at-risk children in the DC area.

Before my career transition into coaching, I spent a decade as a news editor and manager. At the news service that brought me to Washington, I was lucky to lead an award-winning staff and earn company recognition for managing change. I earned my B.S. (yes, really!) in journalism from Northwestern University.

What I’m Involved In

My professional affiliations include the International Coach Federation, American Society for Training & Development and the Organization Development Network. In 2006, before being asked to serve on the board of directors of the 700-member ICF Metro DC Chapter, I was honored with the chapter’s President’s Award in recognition of my community-building efforts.

I also serve on the board of DC’s Adas Israel Congregation. And as a mom to two young boys, including one with special needs, I spend many hours volunteering and coordinating projects in my sons’ schools.

How You Can Get in Touch With Me

Simple. Just use the form below.

  1. I would love some help with my husband..and well me as well. MY husband in particular is dealing with the guilt and grief of his infertility. I feel at one level I need to let him grieve. I need to be patient and loving. But at the other end..I am starting my ivf shots soon and I relaly need my husband to be my rock and support me with the horrible pain and emotional toll IVf torture that I will be going through int he next couple months. I would love advice or references on books and sort. I am excited to follow your blog and learns lots of tools from you.

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