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Our ‘New Normals’ in the Wake of Big Events Like 9/11

September 11, 2012

I’m thrilled and honored (and nervous!) to be making my radio debut today on The Mary & Melissa Show with a new feature called “The New Normal,” which focuses on creating a space for parents whose children have needs beyond what they imagined.

For this first show, we decided to start by talking about acknowledging and moving through the grief process that usually accompanies having a child with special needs.

Then I realized this show would be recorded on September 11. How interesting that we chose grief as our topic for this day … a day when the whole nation is in a place of remembrance and reverence for those thousands who died this day 11 years ago in an vicious act of hatred and anger that is still so hard to comprehend.

And it’s evident that we still grieve for our own innocence and sense of security lost on that day. Eleven years later, our country has a “new normal” … one of interminably long security lines, ugly barriers masquerading as ugly planters, and generally increased vigilance. I see signs on Facebook, on Twitter, in the blogosphere and in the news that we have not forgotten what happened that day, we have not forgotten the victims and their powerful stories, and we have not forgotten the way it changed our lives.

As individuals, too, we experience a new normal … yes, one of heightened awareness of the horrible things that can happen in our world and, also, a growing search for mindfulness and meaning in our lives. More of us want to meditate and move our bodies mindfully, we want to create spaces for learning and healing and growing, we want to help repair the world. That is heartening. And it gives us hope.

Coach’s Query
What do you see in your life that has become your “new normal” since September 11, 2001 … or since any other major event in your life?

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