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Down a Short Flight of Stairs, Up a Mountain of Confidence

October 3, 2011

I stood in the doorway just now as The Buddha, knowing he looked handsome in the picture-day outfit he chose, walked across our front porch toward his waiting school bus. Then tears came to my eyes as I watched him walk down the crazy-tall, uneven stairs … without holding on to anything or anyone.

I didn’t know he could do that.

Every day we see so much anxiety, around homework, around new activities, around just about anything he thinks will be too hard for him. Sure, the miswiring in his brain and body really do make these things more difficult for him than they are for most kids, but we also see that things come so much more easily for him when he believes in his many abilities. For The Buddha, walking down stairs unaided is as much a mental game as a physical one.

This short journey down five steps was a brazen display of confidence that has been a long time coming.


Coach’s Query

Where in your life would a small confidence boost make a huge difference?

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