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Get Thee to a CPR Class

February 23, 2011

Prompted by The Buddha’s choking incidents and the oh-so-smart idea of a friend, my husband and I went to a Pediatric CPR class this past weekend. It had been a bit over eight years since I was instructed in infant CPR and far, far longer since my last adult CPR training.

I hope we never ever ever ever need to use what we learned last weekend, but in the wake of our (thankfully successful) experience of muddling through the Heimlich a few weeks ago, I’m happy to now know how to do it for real.

Our instructor at Georgetown University Hospital was fantastic: a former Emergency Medical Technician now in med school. She told it like it is, and shared some of her experiences in the field. And even though we were learning peds CPR, she so often told us the comparisons to adult CPR that I feel just as prepared for those situations. (That is, as prepared as anyone could be after a 2-hour course in which the only “person” you attempted to revive was a child-sized mannequin.)
I highly recommend it for anyone with kids, and, the rest of you, please get to a adult CPR class one soon.

Meanwhile, check out these CPR and Choking instructions from the Mayo Clinic.




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