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For the Most Part, We’re OK

February 8, 2011

I soooooo appreciate everyone who reached out to us in the wake of The Buddha’s two scary choking incidents. We’re definitely feeling the love and the concern.

He’s OK. I’m OK. Mostly. There’s certainly a new vigilance at mealtimes around here.

One thing that came out of this was a reminder of one of the main reasons I’m writing this blog … to give all of us permission and space to share the strange, scary, sad, crazy things that have happened to us. Over the past week, quite a few people have shared their stories with me, either in person or in comments here or on Facebook.

Stories of their children choking and the anxiety that still arises every time they recall the scene. Stories of they, themselves, choking as children and the fear and food aversions that followed. Stories of rescuing others who were choking, and stories of being rescued.

Any my story also allowed people to share the stories of a host of other terrifying parenting moments when their children’s lives were in their hands, when split-second action made all the difference.

(I’m painfully aware, too, of the many, many stories that remained untold. Stories in which the outcomes, despite all due diligence, were tragic. That is a subject for another day.)

It’s when we share the events that have frightened us that we find out we’re not alone. There is some comfort in knowing you are not the only person you know who has experienced such a trauma. There is comfort in knowing that others have had the same reactions, the same thoughts, the same feelings. In the wake of such events, it’s normal to grieve, it’s normal to run the “what ifs” through your head, it’s normal to worry this could happen again.

Keep sharing. Keep talking. Air your fears to dissipate their power.

As you do, you’ll find out that, for the most part, we’re all OK.


Coach’s Query

Some people blog. Some people talk to close friends. Some find it easier to talk to virtual strangers (both online and off). Some write privately in their journals. What has been your experience when you have shared a difficult episode in these ways or any others?

I invite you to share your responses in the comments section.

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