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A New Year’s Checkup

January 3, 2011

How long’s it been since you had a checkup?

When we are grieving, when we are caregiving, when we are hyper-focused on the well-being others — when we’re simply caught up in the busy-ness of life — it’s so easy for us to neglect our own health. There’s always an excuse available. I know I’ve made my share of them.

Yeah, I’ll fess up … I’m way overdue for a mammogram and a couple of months behind on the dentist.

What potentially life-saving appointments have you been putting off?

  • Your annual physical?
  • Your gynecological exam?
  • Your mammogram?
  • Your 6-month dental checkup?

Start this new year off with a commitment to your physical well-being. Make today the day you call to get all your neglected appointments on your schedule. Focus on the basics. Get those medical appointments on the books.

I’m going to make my overdue appointments today. How about you?


This is especially on my mind today because …

With all the force of a punch to the gut, I was reminded today of the importance of regular checkups when I found out that my friend’s beloved, active, fit, life-loving father has leukemia.

He had no noticeable symptoms.

The day after a joyous celebration of his wife’s 70th birthday, he went to his doctor for a regular physical exam. As a matter of course, bloodwork was done. The doctor’s office called him to come in again because they thought their machine was broken. But it was no mistake. He and his family have a long, difficult journey ahead. We can only hope beyond hope that catching this terrible disease on the early side will help in the fight to save his life.


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