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Welcome, ICLW’ers, Reverb’ers & Other New Friends

December 21, 2010

It’s been a month of reflection and looking forward, spurred by the daily prompts from Reverb10. I haven’t been moved to write responses to every one of them, but each has certainly given me something to think about.

I’m psyched, nervous, excited, scared about what’s in store for 2011. I want to make it happen and, yet, I want to let it unfold. The trick is in finding the balance. It’s in listening intently to my intuition telling me what’s best for me, for my family, for my business.

And, it’s about being fully in the present. And, in the present, I am welcoming readers visiting from IComLeaveWe and Reverb10. Look around, stay awhile. Get to know what this blog’s all about from my previous welcome message. And please stop by this quick poll and let us know whether grief is having an impact on your holiday season.

In this holiday season, I wish you all some quiet moments to reflect and look forward. And many joyous moments in the present.



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  1. Thank you for your comment and thank you for this blog. Just hearing someone say that it is OK to grieve when society tells you it’s time to stop makes me tear up a bit and feel better.

  2. Michelle Buzgon permalink

    And there’s the irony, Rebecca. That by feeling the pain (without getting permanently stuck in it), we feel better. I’m glad you felt the permission here. If only it were so everywhere.

  3. I stumbled onto your blog from ICWL and I love it. I love your writing. I am new to blogging and new to the blogging world so finding blogs is such a treat. (from ICWL #38)

  4. I’m glad to see grief becoming more and more acceptable and less taboo. I’m thankful I stumbled upon your blog and hope that 2011 brings many joys your way! ICLW #110

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