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Thank You Note: For Good Health

November 22, 2010

As I was leaving the supermarket this morning with some of my Thanksgiving groceries, I saw a woman, stooped beyond her years, nearly bent in half. Reflexively, I stood a little taller.

I’m sorry for her pain, and I thank her for the reminder to be grateful for my own relatively good health. Sure, right now my sinuses feel like they’re filled with lead and there’s a torturous tickle in my throat, but that will all dissipate soon. More importantly, my bones are strong, my cholesterol’s low, my blood pressure’s fine. And, as far as I know, nothing dramatic is ailing me.

True gratitude for good health, though, shows in the steps we take to keep our bodies and minds well. That means that tomorrow, I’m going to call to make appointments for that overdue mammogram and the delayed dental checkup. In the next week, I’ll go to get some bloodwork to make sure my thyroid levels are still operating at an optimal level. Exercise and a healthy diet … these, too, are things with which I could more emphatically express my gratitude.

Be well, everyone.


Coach’s Query

How do you/will you show your gratitude for good health?

You’re invited to share your thoughts and your own thank you note in this space.

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