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Guest Thank You Note: For the Simple Things

November 15, 2010

Vibrant, inspiring Diana Doyle saw my original post on writing thank you notes and took me up on my invitation to join in the gratitude. I know from her blog, Sunshine in a Blue Cup, that despite incredible grief in her life — or perhaps because of it — she embodies gratitude every day. I’m honored to share her offering here.

A Thank You Note From Diana Doyle

Gratitude is a funny thing. If you have it or are able to see the gifts we are given every day, you are lucky.

I am thankful for the simple things … nothing that money can buy.

Pure sunshine: Diana Doyle


A friend

A listening, non-judgmental ear

The air I breathe

The opportunities in this life I am blessed with

My family and for people like you, Michelle, who write for other people facing hardship that often aren’t so strong some days.

To be able to see life for what it is, a gift everyday is truly something.  You only have to visit a children’s hospital to be grateful for every little thing in life that we are blessed with.

Thanks for the small reminder today! 🙂



Coach’s Query

What are you grateful for? Once again, I invite you you share your thank you note — for things simple or complicated, things big or small — here in this space.

One Comment
  1. Wow, Thank you Michelle…I feel honored to be on your blog…and with a photo! 🙂

    It is a great reminder to remember to be ‘thankful’ for the little things in life as they really are the big things that matter.

    with love
    Diana x

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