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Hoping to Follow a Fragmented Week With a Month of Flow

October 4, 2010

Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Stop.

That’s how the whole past week has felt. Every time I sat down to write, something else stole my attention. My drafts folder holds at least three posts I started (including this one in different forms). All of those posts sit there, in various stages. All incomplete. All awaiting my focus.

Is there something in the air? I’ve seen at least two other bloggers  I regularly read say they were having trouble crafting posts this past week. And my husband told me he had two dreams last night in which all he wanted to do was take a shower in peace.

Writing took a back seat last week, and I’m noticing I’m really bothered by that. It’s not that the things that distracted me weren’t important — happy things like taking cupcakes into school and not-so-happy things like trips to the doctor for bumped heads and ear infections. And I lost a day and a half to dealing with lice. Yes, lice. Ick.

After that, my week just never quite got back on track.

Come to think of it, all of September could be described as a month of fits and starts. The new school year begins with all its attendant craziness, but, just as the kids get settled, it’s time to pull them out for the Jewish holidays. We all really found meaning in them this year, so I have no regrets about taking the kids out of school. Still, it’s a disruption to a barely established routine.

I have high hopes for October and beyond. This is the first year that both my kids are in school all day (though the calendar already taunts me with the various days they have no school or — even worse — the dreaded half day). While I love spending time with them, I’ve really been looking forward to having more time to take care of me, take care of my business, take care of this blog. So, I’ll make my plans, all the while knowing that sometimes I’ll be distracted from them by other obligations and urgent matters.

That way, no matter what happens, I’ll (almost) always be in the flow.

. . . . . . . . . .

Coach’s Query

When you notice that you are distracted, what do you do to get yourself back in flow?

  1. Janine permalink

    Focus on the BREATH! Breathe IN peace, breathe OUT and RELEASE the need to control…..

    Lovely entry Michelle. Hope you and yours are well!

    • Michelle Buzgon permalink

      Breathing. DEEEEEEEEPLY. Thank you for stopping by, Janine.

  2. I can really relate to this feeling; it overwhelmed me last week as I was traveling and speaking and feeling like the runaway train was never going to stop.

    But it did, this week, and I am slowly tackling some of the nagging tasks that have been bothering me. I created a better email system. I made a list of goals for the week, something that I honestly haven’t done since my first son was born. I just got through the days; now I’m thinking and seeing bigger.

    I hope you flow this week. I’ve been starting almost every day with yoga, and it brings me peace. I hope you find the same.

    • Michelle Buzgon permalink

      Just catching up, Hollee, and I took a peek at your blog to see what you were up to last week. I’m exhausted just reading it! Glad you’re back in flow and being so wonderfully peaceful and productive.

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