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Gratitude for My Readers

September 13, 2010

Thank you, dear readers. I’m so grateful to you for being here. Nearly 4,000 views from you in the first three months. Lots of great feedback, too, here on the blog, on my Facebook page, in person. New friends made.

The day I started this blog three months ago, I had no idea what to expect.

In a flash that June day, the title, “Grief, Interrupted,” came to me. Within moments, I went to, opened an account and started to write my first post. It simply felt right.

I wrote posts three days in a row before telling anyone but my husband about it, just to be confident in the direction it was taking. Just to make sure it was for real. Then I set it free. One of my dear friends, who has been a frequent and valuable sounding board over the years, commented in disbelief, “You didn’t even run it by me.” That’s how right this project has felt from the beginning.

You may have gotten a sense from my previous posts that over-analyzing is a skill at which I excel. Which makes the fact that I dove right in without conducting numerous focus groups all the more surprising.

Sure, there are things to be done to make this blog better — and you’ll probably see some changes over the next few months — but there is something to be said for just getting started, no matter how imperfect, how unpolished, how much there is to learn.

This is a space designed for growth.

With gratitude,

  1. Cyn permalink

    I look forward to each post–keep it up!

  2. Jennifer Leon permalink

    I am appreciating your words of wisdom – “just get started, no matter how imperfect.” How perfect.

    Love your posts. Thanks for sharing … and Happy Birthday to the Diamond! I miss him (and his adorable big brother)!

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