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Boys Report on Our Trip to OBX

August 8, 2010

Hi everyone!

We’re back from our fabulous vacation to North Carolina’s Outer Banks. I didn’t let you know ahead of time ’cause, well, I figure it pays to be cautious about broadcasting online that our house will be empty for a week.

As it was, our burglar alarm went off because of a wonky sensor and the police wouldn’t go to our house, the dispatcher said, because they “didn’t have the address on file.” If it had been a real break-in, apparently, our law enforcement team would have been content to just let it happen. Our alarm system provider followed up with the city’s communications office later in the day, who said our address showed up just fine. So, it appears, the earlier problem was a result of a wonky 911 dispatcher. Oy.

Anyway …

The trip to a big house on the sound in Duck, NC, was amazing. It’s hard to imagine four unrelated families operating with more fluidity than this group did. Beautiful synchronicity. Except for the drive there, the whole week was just … easy. I learned how to sail the sound, how to play Texas hold ’em and how to make great guacamole. I heard a baby’s first word, visited the site of the first controlled flight and cleaned up for the first time in a poker game (too bad we weren’t playing for actual money).

Both of my boys — who were a joy to be with all week — wanted to give my readers an account of the trip from their points of view, so I took dictation. What struck me most were the similarities, especially that they both started out with references to the 1-year-olds we spent the week with. My boys were by definitely the elder statesmen of the under-4-foot set.

The Diamond reports:

We went to the Outer Banks. We played with babies named Jack, Luke and Shayna.

We had fun one day at the beach. It was really, really fun that I didn’t want to leave until the day was over, but we left before that. My favorite thing was digging with shovels and burying my mommy’s feet. I had so much fun.

It was beautiful and nice. Some days it was rainy so we stayed inside and played cards and Magna-Tiles and cars. Almost every day we went to the pool at our house in North Carolina. We had so much fun in the pool that we never wanted to leave the pool.

We were so grateful that the people we stayed with in North Carolina were so nice and didn’t leave until the day we left. On Thursday, I said I wanted to leave because the babies were eating all of my toys, but I changed my mind. And then it was all back to normal. Then, the end.


The Buddha reports:

We went with babies to the beach.
The babies are named Jack, Luke and Shayna.
We went to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, the beach and the lighthouse.
We went to the pool and played and played and played with the water toys. Me and (The Diamond) jumped.
We ate pancakes.
We went to see a concert in the town of Duck. Quaaaaaaack.
And we ate pizza.
And we came home on Saturday.

Yes, vacation is over, but a hectic August has just begun. Dear readers, my posts will probably be a bit sporadic this month. With camp over, school not yet begun, and grandparents’ homes to travel to, we’ve got an all-over-the-map schedule for the next few weeks. I’ll be back in full swing in September.

Please stay in touch.


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  1. Kim (Ellinger) Waibel permalink

    Hi, Michelle. I wanted to tell you i thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs. It sounds like you have a very wonderful family and are doing well in life. I am so very sorry to hear of your brother’s death. I am a bit out of touch with Lebanon and was so sad when I read your posts about your loss. I hope your parents are doing well!

    • Michelle Buzgon permalink

      It’s so good to hear from you, Kim. Thanks so much for your kind words. Though we haven’t been in touch for a long time (except for the recent wonders of Facebook!), I want you to know you certainly hold a special place in my memory of childhood.

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