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What Is Your Body Telling You?

July 8, 2010

I’ve been plagued by post-nasal drip the past week or so, and one of the effects is that my voice feels and sounds “tight.” It doesn’t hurt, but I feel like I’m straining when I talk and it’s tough to turn up the volume. And it’s a drag on my very-amateur singing talents, which really bums me out.

I don't know anything about this book ... I just liked the title.

So when I mentioned this to a coaching colleague/friend at lunch yesterday, she asked, “What aren’t you saying?”

Yipes. While, of course, I’d much prefer to think of this as a physical problem that will simply fix itself in a few days, I have to admit she poses a good question. Twenty-four hours later, a clear answer still eludes me.

Is there something I’m not saying here in this Grief, Interrupted blog?

Is there something I’m not saying to my friends or my family?

Is there something I’m not saying to MYSELF?

Since I’m not finding the answer in my head despite my mighty attempts to do so (fancy that!),  I’m going to try another way. Here are some of my options, and ones I recommend you try when you have questions that defy “thinking.”

Getting quiet. Focusing on the breath. Noticing thoughts and letting them float by. Staying in the present moment.

Exploring the Body
A cousin to meditation. Sit quietly, close your eyes and focus on the area of your body that is tense or in pain. Explore the sensation. Pay attention to the feelings and emotions that bubble up.

Physical Self-Care
Take a bath, get a massage, exercise. Anything that will get you out of your head and in touch with your body. Be open to whatever shows up.

Letting your hand do the writing instead of your head. Start with a curious question and see what flows from your pen. If you don’t like writing, try an audio journal. Then, just talk. Unfiltered.

What methods works for you? I invite you to share your ways of getting information from yourself.

Off to find a quiet place now …

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