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What Brings Positive Energy Into Your Life?

June 28, 2010

What brings positive energy into your life?

Getting involved in community events?
Meeting new people?
Socializing with old friends?
Playing cards?

There are many for me, and the one that stands out is my love for creating and being part of community. In the world of Myers-Briggs personality typing, I am definitely an “Extrovert,” which means I draw a lot of energy from my interactions with others. At social events, I’m usually among the last to leave. My husband, the inwardly-directed “Introvert,” has learned to start me on the process of leaving early to give me plenty of time to say my goodbyes.

In this forum, I feel like I’m still saying, “HELLO!” Exploring what to write and how to connect with you all out there in cyberspace. And though my personal preference has been for in-person communities over online ones, I’ve been drawing a surprising amount of positive energy from this blog. The feedback I’ve received, both online and off, has been encouraging. I’m honored to be here and serving you.

I’d love to hear what bring positive energy into you life. By sharing here in this forum, you might inspire someone else (including me!) to do something they’d never considered.

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One Comment
  1. janine permalink

    What a great post! just a few things which fuel my positive energy…….. getting out and about in my community and connecting with people I know or have met before……physical activity with my kids -walking, running, swimming, exploring, playing…..gardening….and cooking!

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