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G-R-I-E-V-E: My Path Is Spelled Out on my iPod

June 22, 2010

Was my app trying to tell me something?

A few weeks ago, while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, I was on my iPod Touch taking some notes. I had a writing assignment from my own coach, but I wasn’t connecting to the topic and wanted to brainstorm some alternatives. Here are the topics I e-mailed myself that day:

  • Permission to grieve
  • When the person you’re grieving is still alive
  • It’s not what you signed up for
  • How to grieve when the person you love is still alive
  • Getting to grieve
  • How to mourn the life you thought you’d have

Seeing a pattern here? Kinda rough, but I felt like I was on to something. Still, I wasn’t sure I was ready to follow this path. Resistance continued to block my way.

When my brainstorming energy ran out, I still had a few minutes before my appointment. I debated: Read my book club book or play the WordPops game I’m a bit addicted to? I opted for the app.

So I opened the word-making game — which starts out with two rows of bubble-ensconced letters — and saw it right away. I could drag my finger up, down, sideways and diagonally within those first two rows to spell out


W-H-O-A. W-E-I-R-D.

OK, OK, I get the message. Thanks, Universe.

A few weeks later, when the title Grief, Interrupted popped into my head, it all came together. It started off as a writing assignment, and it has become so much more. This is a project I am connecting to with love and compassion and gratitude. Thank you to all who are on this journey with me so far, and to the many more I hope will join. Please spread the word to anyone you think will connect with this, too.

With gratitude,


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